A Home Away from Home

There’s nothing like being able to go on vacation after a year of slogging through the absurdity that is work. I deal with customers on a day to day basis so I look forward to being able to set myself free from the constant complaints that I have been hired to handle. Tech support is no joke – you cannot imagine the depth of ignorance that I have to deal with every single day of my life! That’s why every year I choose to escape to a Queenstown Holiday Home in NZ to get as far away from the United States as I can.

Working in tech support has taught me a lot about what people don’t know. It’s easy to take for granted that many computer users simply have no idea how their computer operates and therefore cannot go through some of the most basic steps of computer diagnostics. Even steps as routine as shutting dow the computer to restart it or going through similar motions with a modem and router combination, these basic every day diagnostic problem solving routines are lost on them. I can almost sympathize with the user’s frustration when they call into our call center.

Part of me cannot help but wonder how it is that we have allowed general education regarding our computing devices to slip away. Recalling back what I had to learn during my school years, especially those formative years in Middle and High School, we did very little in the way of learning about the machines themselves and instead focused on how to use some of the software. To me, as a tech support agent now, this seems like a mistake as so many headaches and problems could be easily solved by a simple class in school that would show how to go through the basic steps.