Enjoy your favorite TV Travel shows anytime with Movavi Screen Capture

Traveling InformationAre you an ardent travel enthusiast who loves to explore new destinations across the world? Well, that’s great and there are travel shows on TV to inspire you with exotic, popular or unexplored destinations. But what if you can’t catch on your favorite TV travel show on its scheduled time? Now, don’t fret if you can’t watch your favorite travel show on its scheduled time because today you have the screen recording software options that enable you to record the travel show on your Windows PC – so that you can watch it later. If you are looking for the best options on screen recording software for Windows 8, Movavi Screen Capture Studio would be a grand resort. Here goes a brief on how is it like to record your favorite travel with the Movavi product.

Before getting into the actual discussion, it should be mentioned that Movavi is a globally recognized software with user base in around 150 countries. Thus, you can be quite confirmed of the high performance quotient of the product.

You would be glad to know that the Movavi Screen Capture Studio permits customized capture of your favorite travel show. This signifies that you can adjust the capture frame as per your needs. The Movavi software enables the users to record audio from both output & input devices. You will be able to record audio through microphone or the speakers – while you can even record sound from both input and output audio devices simultaneously.

Here are the steps on how to record the travel show with Movavi:

  • Download & install the software in your Windows PC.
  • Go to Select Capture Area to choose appropriate size preset.
  • Click on REC and the software will immediately start recording.
  • Press F10 & the recording would stop
  • Then, you can go to Edit tab if you want to edit anything in the captured video.
  • Click on Save Movie to save the recording on the Windows PC – you can now share the recording online or burn it for DVD or upload it for your new smartphone.