Going to Start Work on the Lake House

I have started to think about whether or not I am going to be able to build a place by the lake. My dad and I bought the land together about ten years ago, not long after I got out of college. At first we were thinking that we might sell it for a profit, because we got it for a really nice discount before there was a real road you could use to get there. We are thinking about how to best create a house at a good price. If you click here you will see the power suppliers we have to choose from, which is one of the things we are thinking about. Of course power is going to be a relatively small detail since we are going to be using the place on weekends and during vacation weeks in the summer. So it is not like we are going to be there every day of the year to use power. That does lead to other problems. For example if no one is there, then that is going to leave you open to burglars. The obvious thing if you are a thief is to maximize your chances of getting away with the crimes you commit. That is a whole lot easier if you are not detected for a week after you have come and gone. So the thing we need to do is have a security system which shall both deter and detect intrusions. In fact it would be difficult for the local sheriffs to respond to a break in at this location. It is simply a long way from any place and once you got on the road, you would pretty much be impossible to pursue. Still a home security system is going to be essential for such an isolated home.