Leading Causes of Boating Accidents

Boating can be a refreshing and fun activity, but at the same time, it can be risky business if you don’t take certain precautions. In 2013 alone, the number of boating fatalities was 560, down from 651 in 2012. If you know the major causes of these accidents, then it will be easy to avoid them. The following are the leading causes of boating accidents.

1. Operator inattention

Driver inattention is the leading cause of boating accidents. Being attentive while boating is very critical to your safety in the water. There are lots of distractions that you can be involved in. Boating while engrossed in activities such as texting on your phone or listening to music is dangerous.

2. Improper lookout

Improper lookout is similar to operator inattention, and it’s the second greatest cause of accidents. You need to have an unobstructed view around your boat. Therefore, ensure you have a clear path for your boat while in the water.

3. Lack of experience

Boating doesn’t require much education. Therefore, many users don’t have the proper experience or training by the time they begin to ride their boats. It is a good idea to take boating classes before embarking on it. It takes time to be familiar with every aspect of your boat and to gain adequate knowledge of its capabilities.

4. Overspeeding

Some types of water require you to ride your boat slowly. Maintaining a safe speed depends on many other factors, and it’s important for safe turning and avoiding other vessels.

5. Alcohol use

Alcohol use is the primary cause of fatalities. Drinking while boating is illegal and is punishable by the law in most states. The law has put a limit for blood alcohol to be 0.08, and if you exceed this limit, you may be prosecuted in a court of justice, and you also risk your life while boating.

Knowing these leading causes of boating accidents is meant to help you to avoid them. Doing this will go a long way in keeping you and all those that are with you safe in the vessel. If your boat needs a tune-up or repair, you can get fiberglass boat repair and many other services from companies such as Dickson’s Marine Group.