Six Items that You can get Killed On Abuja Streets


Have you been to be able to Abuja? Well, in case you have not, yet possess intends to pay a visit to Nigeria’s best city, I advise that you get safety measure yearly risks when using Abuja highways.

1. More than exceeding the speed limit: Abuja provides probably the most effective highways in Nigeria, thus owners have practically turned them to ethnic background songs.

Most of the roads inside the area possess rate restrictions starting from 75 km/h to be able to 100 km/h on the other hand expansive, strong and smooth surfaces have grown to be the primary aspects in which induce drivers to be able to force their own vehicles towards the limits.

Additionally, in the deficiency of administration associated with pace limits by traffic government bodies, Abuja highways are usually accident-prone. Overturned automobiles lying ‘comfortably’ throughout Abuja’s substantial drainages, especially down the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport path is a common view.

2. Making use of pedestrian bridges at peculiar hours: A lot of footbridges department of transportation Abuja’s ever before occupied roads, at the same time the public calls for more.

Nevertheless, these kind of life saving houses turn into houses for you to miscreants and thugs in the evening.

If you are using these footbridges from the depressed several hours in the night time, you operate the chance of being robbed or even raped. In fact, individuals are known to have been scammed out, raped or perhaps killed in a few specifically notorious pedestrian links much like the versions at Lugbe along with Mararaba.

3. Not employing people connects: The watchword here is. “use Abuja’s footbridges with daytime/rush a long time but stay away from them at peculiar several hours.

Spanning Abuja’s hectic 12 lane two buggy techniques walking is practically definitely the destruction objective. However you will find people who choose that replacement for the particular ‘stress’ involving rising the people bridge. Lots of this sort of folks have been killed by fast paced automobiles.

4. Gold bullion Trucks: These types of vehicles used by finance institutions to move huge amounts of money generate like they are pursued by way of a 500 devils.

Normally associated with rifle wielding policemen, gold bullion vans nor respect traffic principles not the particular privileges regarding additional road users.

Thus, if you notice the gold bullion vehicle blaring siren and also weaving its approach with the targeted traffic, get free from the way as fast as possible. Normally, you have the chance of becoming hit. Then when you receive hit, they don’t perhaps trouble to stop.

5. Bicycling: Although Abuja roads possess paths, there are no provisions with regard to bikes.

Should you should ride a motorbike inside Abuja, do this within your premises as well as threat getting slain while sharing precisely the same street with motor vehicles.

6. One-chance cab operators: These types of greedy, rapacious men and women comprise a major bare about Abuja area.

They drive-thru the particular roads along with streets, obtaining unwary travellers as well as thieving these of money along with other valuables.

There are reviews of folks getting pressed out of moving vehicles right after being robbed by one-chance gangs. The truth is, Not long ago i observed one situation when a lone ‘one-chance’ robber functioning inside a blue Seat Cordoba quit a female away from his / her transferring car, getting swindled your ex involving some money. The car shown under got it’s home windows along with windshields left with a mafia soon after he or she ended up being apprehended.