Take a trip Guide to People who Be interested in as well as Individuals Going to Douala, Cameroon

Douala, Cameroon

Douala is really a occupied area perfectly located at the Littoral region regarding Cameroon. The city includes a population of around 2.4 zillion occupants. If you’re moving to Douala, here are a few items you might choose to contemplate;

Best durations to relocate Douala Metropolis

Getting around Douala city is normally very best involving 10 ‘m to around 2 evening, as everybody is active from his/her job site. Each morning, it really is most convenient to change position involving 4 am to around 8 feel, to be able to steer clear of site visitors on the roads; one thing Douala can be well noted with regard to.

Implies and expense associated with transport

Travel out and about is often by bike (motrola) and taxi.

A standard decline over a motorcycle is around 3 hundred Frs. CFA. Nevertheless it will go over and above or over the purchase price depending on your own destination.

Should you be brand new in town, this is why to get it done: quit a motorbike, provide your desired destination and have ”c’est combien” meaning “How much”. Your specific contract price will be given easily. I counsel that you understand the name in the placed you be interested in prior to halting a motorcycle.

The taxi cab is another fantastic implies which individuals use to relocate Douala. A normal airport taxi decline can be 300 Frs. Variables can be viewed that can affect your taxi fare.

You are able to take a cab about retain the services of (cous). It is possible to hire both as a person or as a team. Note that the gang really should not be a lot more than 5.


You will find there’s wide selection of foodstuff available in Douala area. Cameroon created food and foreign your meals are obtainable. Typically the most popular international foods are China along with This particular language dishes.


The most used terminology in Douala can be France. Nevertheless, you can still communicate throughout British to the people about. You have to listen closely very carefully if somebody will be answering an individual in British since the most of the people choose People from france


You need to be oneself when going around town. The actual inhabitants are extremely friendly. Nevertheless, the relationship is not the same when someone endeavors to end up being unpleasant. Avoid arriving away while rude or insulting, different you will get a number of hits on your confront inturn. Don’t shout at a cyclist. They are always willing to scream again in somebody. Will not uncover your wallets. If you’re in the city consider adding your dollars inside a finances. Guarantees the particular finances is additionally effectively kept. Regions to get warns involving tend to be Ndokoti, Nkouloulun as well as Bepanda.


There are numerous services all around on your amusement; beginning from Accommodations with other amusement parks around. You can visit theme parks, seaport, fun centres, pool, and soft ice cream stores among others.

Samedi soir ( The best evening for other)

This is actually the day time Douala is loaded with fun. Samedi (Wednesday) is the evening employees as well as pupils have a great time following a occupied few days. Your watering holes and dining places will almost always be entire while night clubs are usually wide open from Weekend night time about 6am the following day.

Lodge expense

The price of a place within a hotel is dependent upon the Hotel involved. Your prize range comes from 15.Thousand FCFA to around 62,1000 FCFA.

Crack houses

The most used are usually Facebook or myspace, WhatsApp, as well as Tweets.

Other individuals

Constantly be sure you might have Five-hundred, 1000, as well as 2000 FCFA giving you when getting around.

The particular roadways are certainly not an appropriate location for you to definitely consume. Consider sitting down a place comfy if you want to eat.

Declaring ”c’est bon” the taxi cab car owner or the cyclist is plenty when you arrive your own location to.

There’s a chance you’re ashamed through hookers any time active Bonaberi, Bonamoussadi, Deido, elf plus some other places.

The most effective places to experience a fun are usually Bonanjo, Bonamossadi, Akwa as well as Ange Raphael

General Douala can be a beautiful spot… I think you will get pleasure from your keep if you opt to go to.