Working on a Little Project at School

In fact I am just mainly trying to impress this girl. I get extra credit though and it is a pretty decent deal. The thing is called revista, which means magazine in Spanish and the thing is being done by the Spanish club at school. I started out pretty simply, a girl talked to me and before I knew what I had done, I had agreed to help her. She probably could have gotten me to agree to step in front of a bus at highway speed. This was not even that dumb. In fact the entire club that is involved in this is mostly very good looking girls. I am the tech guy, which is not to say that I know what I am doing. Rather it means that I have a better idea of what I am doing than the other guys do.

There are nine other people involved. One of them is a really dorky guy, which is pretty bad coming from me. Then there is me and after that there are eight girls. I would be willing to go out with all of them, although it is not as though that is at all a possible outcome. It is not anything like that. One of them is dating this guy who thinks he is the school bully. Of course he never really does anything and I can make him back down, so it is not like he is a real tough guy. Another of them is going out with this guy who seems to be a bit crazy. He might do just about anything and so that makes him a guy that you are better off leaving alone. If you get in a fight with him, it is not going to matter who started it when the principle gets involved.